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For most companies, a website is not just an online brochure. It is your business’ presence on the web. Because of this, your website must manifest the nature of your brand.

Moreover, when it comes to online purchases (i.e. ecommerce), consumers tend to make the decision to purchase after viewing the website first. If they do not like what they see, they will doubt the value of your products or services.

With Jupiter India web design services, we plan and build your website to fulfill your business goals as well as, satisfy the design aesthetics for your visitors and online buyers.

What We Bring To Your Business

Jupiter India offers end-to-end web services including design, development, marketing, website promotion (SEO), and more. We protect the privacy and integrity of your organization by eliminating internal and external security risks. We emphasize customer satisfaction and deliver our product within the stipulated time frame. Our dedication and quality work makes Jupiter India the preferred choice of global businesses.

Why Jupiter India?

We offer professional web design services for businesses in countries all over the world, like the UK, US, and Australia. Our trained team of creative designers has expertise to create websites equipped with today’s online marketing strategies to keep your company ahead of the competition.

We have experience handling projects involving social media, mobile, general ecommerce, and many more. Check out our portfolio, get to know us, and read about our tips relating to web design and internet marketing.

How does Jupiter India Work?

We develop a concept to match your brand image. We plan the site’s design very carefully to avoid or minimize the need for modifications. This saves time and guarantees that your website’s foundation is solid before further construction.

Then, we research the target audience. This will provide insight into which website design will create the largest impact. During the design phase, the Jupiter India creative team will compile color palettes, texts, and figures with brand’s image in mind. The design features included on the site are chosen based on the results of the research. We will then optimize your sites SEO to create a search engine-friendly website for online users to easily locate your brand.

Your website is your official online business location, thus, the right website design is essential. Businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence require strong, well-designed websites. Drop us a line today and let’s start building your site!

At Jupiter India, we provide high-quality website design services. We guarantee your satisfaction.

For further details, feel free to contact us!

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Jupiter India is a professionally run website designing, web development, web hosting company in Thane, Mumbai offering custom web application development (PHP / ASP.net), web design, website promotion (search engine optimization) services at affordable rates. We specialize in custom PHP web development, portal web development, WordPress CMS customization, oscommerce shopping cart websites, travel industry websites, real estate and property portals, corporate and industrial sector websites. We are located in Thane, Mumbai, India and we specialize in personalized service.

Web Hosting in India is also known as website hosting or web hosting. It is a basically renting of server space and bandwidth so that you can maintain your files for your websites through a Website Hosting Company. Hosting can be either Linux Web Hosting or Windows Hosting. Users and organizations can store all their important information, images or other content on the server. In simple words Web Hosting in India is like renting a space on a computer which would hold all the information of your website.

As per your needs Jupiter India can offer you Windows or Linux Hosting with a database of your choice. We offer uptime guarantee of 99.9% and many add on applications. We offer Affordable Web Hosting for personal websites, Business Hosting for small business websites, and Professional Hosting for large enterprises. We also offer dedicated and virtual (VPS) dedicated servers as they are ideal for users/ businesses who want to upload multiple websites.

We support programming languages such as PHP v5, Perl, Python and CGI ASP.net and databases MS Access MS SQL MySQL. Our domain name web hosting services ensures optimal performance of your website irrespective of what platform it is built on. Jupiter India specializes in offering reliable solutions for Linux web hosting, Windows web hosting, CMS web hosting, WordPress web hosting, e–Commerce hosting as well as Reseller hosting, making us one of the most competent names offering web hosting in Thane, Mumbai, India.